Who is ThermoWorks?

Thermoworks thinks great thermometers make life better.

All thermometers are not the same. Here's what sets ThermoPops and ThermaPens apart:

  • ThermoPens and ThermaPops super-fast, super-accurate thermometers are NSF approved, even for commercial use.
  • ThermaPens measure temperatures about twice as fast as most 
    • They're fast + accurate enough you'll see them in:
    • cold storage supply chains,
    • processing plants, and 
    • pharmaceutical manufacturing 
    • research + science labs
    • heavy industry
  • ThermoWorks works hard to produce dependable, durable thermometers, too. 
Temperature might be the most widely measured physical parameter, and affects the quality of daily life in more ways than most people imagine. 

ThermoWorks Specializes in award-winning best-in-class thermometer designs.