California Gardeners' Salve

California Lavendar Gardeners' Salve


California Artisans' Olive Oil + Bees' Wax Lavendar Hand Salves for you 🇺🇸

For you, and everyone whose skin gets washed often or dries out easily: salves from gentle, natural ingredients.

You'll See Why Sonoma Cooks + Gardeners Kitchen Love our Essentials Hand Salves:

  • Handcrafted in California!
  • All-natural herbal + citrus essential oils SO PURE you could (technically) eat them (warning NOT recommended for you, they're NOT delicious),
  • Triple scented so you'll have their lovely fragrances last right to the last drop.
  • Keep your hands clean -- without gloves!
  • For anyone who doesn't love gloves OR messy or smelly hands, just work a little under your cuticles before you cook OR garden
  • When you've finished, wash your hands in hot water - and dirt and scent wash off with the hot water
Long-lasting, Extra-gentle + extra- moisturizing -- a little goes a long way.
The perfect gift to send gardeners AND cooks a little love.   

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