60-hour Soy Candles

Havanna Soy Candle in Embossed Florentine Paper Gift Box 🇦🇺


The perfect gift to send a little love to the cooks and hosts in your life.

Fine Havana soy candles fill the room with the fresh scent of the islands, a bit of tobacco, sea.

Add to your Havana Collection with beautiful triple-milled hand soaps. Other popular candles include Gardenia, Rose, Havana, LemonGrass, Peach Bellini, and Pina Colada...


    Wavertree & London Beautiful Soy Candles

    See why so many Sonoma cooks + hosts love our Kitchen Essentials Beautiful Soy Candles:

    • Triple-scented with pure herbal + floral essences so the beautiful fragrance lasts all the way to the bottom
    • Long-Lasting: each burns approximately 60 hours.
    • Clean-burning: 100% pure soy burns cleanly without soot
    • Hand poured by craftsmen in Australia 🇦🇺
    • Each is exquisitely presented in Florentine Paper boxes, and in a beautiful frosted reusable Apothecary Jar.
    • 350g/12.35oz  (gives that 60 hour burn time)
    • Premium Ingredients: 90%- Pure Natural Soy, 10%- High Grade Fragrance

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