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SAF Instant Yeast


Instant yeast, a top-10 Pantry Essential

  • SAF Instant Yeast, a One-pound bag lasts a LONG time - WITH enough to share 
  • Perfect for breads, rolls, and breakfast treats 
  • Keeps best in your freezer, closed

Perfect for breads, rolls, and breakfast treats.

Pair With Our Cast Iron Dutch Ovens (from Lodge, Staub, or Le Creuset) for a beautiful, easy bread -- or gift for the bakers + hosts in your life.

Cast iron holds heat + moisture in so your bread bakes beautifully, with a:

    • crisp crust and
    • moist interior. 

No-Knead Bread Recipes:

Follow the original No Knead Bread Recipe from the brilliant & extraordinary Mark Bittman.

Coming Soon

Our even simpler version of the No-Knead Bread Recipe for kids, coming soon on our KidsCookLIVE™.


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