Discover Why Our Wonderbibs are The BEST Bibs You'll EVER own, and make every parent smile...

Our Brilliant, radically functional silicone Wonderbibs are witty, get REALLY clean, are better for wonderful kids and our planet, and help FeedingAmerica.

Why we love Wonderbibs?

  • Beautifully Engineered:
  • They're COMFY: adjustable to grow as our kids do
  • They're SMART: the catch pocket keeps snacks edible and your floor clean
  • They're LOVE-FILLED:
  • Every bib feeds kids with a donation to FeedingAmerica and the Global Foodbanking Project
  • They're SAFE for all our kids
    • BPA free
    • PVC free
  • They're EASY to CLEAN:  SAFE in your sink OR

Wonderbibs are GREAT for adventures-bring 'em on!

    • Camping
    • Picnics
    • Squish 'em in your suitcase, too... 
Durable + Reusable - and juice, milk, water, and rain-proof

We think each of these bibs sends a little love into the world.

We share their mission of wonderful bibs, bowls, and mealtime products to make parenting easier, more fun and more meaningful because we offer great products with an even greater purpose.