Make Your Kitchen Linens Last for Years:

  • Our Heirloom Linens Are Woven to Love for Decades. 
  • Choose Your Size, Color, and Fabrics

Care for Your Beautiful Aprons, Mitts, Potholders and Table Linens :

Our Fine Kitchen Linens and Tablecloths are Chosen to be Easy for You. 

  • Cotton is a classic, ready to wash.
  • Easycare poly is color-fast, stain-resistant, & virtually wrinkle-free
  • Coated cotton linens are colorfast, wipe-clean,  AND line dry.
  • Woven plastic place mats are wipe-clean and color fast- and dishwasher safe to boot. 
  • ALL kitchen & table linens benefit from being washed with like colors:
  1. Whites
  2. Pales/ naturals
  3. Darks  
  • DO find the right stain or spot remover (we have a few we love)
  • Any time you're unsure about how a stain removal treatment will work on a cloth, you'll want to test on an inconspicuous area -- AND 
  • Putting cloth in the dryer will set any stain not removed (better to rinse and air-dry if you're not certain)
  • Drying any linens all the way dry in the dryer sets wrinkles... so if you can pull them out while they're a little damp, they'll need much less ironing...
  • ALL CLOTHS, aprons, mitts, potholders, and napkins benefit from coming out of the dryer when they're almost-dry (still a little damp)