Make Your Kitchen Cutlery Last a Lifetime:

Shop- and Care for - Heirloom Knives to Love for Decades:

  1. Knives are Tools.
    1. We Hope Everyone Finds the Knife that fits YOUR hand and the way YOU cut (why we have so many for you to test drive)
    2. We Choose Our Fine Knives and Cutlery for You to Love - However You Cut.
    3. The Knife that Fits YOUR Hand and Movements Makes Chopping, Slicing, Dicing, Carving and Prep Work a Joy.
    4. ALL KNIVES benefit from being HAND WASHED
    • There's a fast - and safe -technique to wash your beautiful new knives on a board, we'd love to show you.
  2. Knives do not belong in your dishwasher, period.
  3. Dishwashering takes the temper off your blade.
  4. Dishwashers make your knife's blade dull faster.
  5. Only Cleavers are designed to chop bone (Cleavers alone have the structure and metal mass for that project)