Help Your Favorite Salt- & Pepper Mills Last for Years:

  • Our Classic Salt and Pepper Mills Are Engineered to Love for Decades. 
  • Choose Your Size, Color, and Materials
  • ALL our Pepper- and Salt Mills are designed to be Refillable AND Adjustable. If it's not clear how, we'd LOVE to show you.

Care for Your Beautiful Salt & Pepper Mills:

Our Fine Salt and Pepper Mills Come Purpose-Built to Grind Your Pepper and Salt YOUR way: 

  • Ceramic grinding mechanism mills are
    • Perfect for Salt OR Pepper.
    • Ceramic grinding plates are hard, sharp, and won't rust, so you can use them for corrosive salt OR perfect pepper
  • High-carbon Grinding Mechanism Mills Grind Classic PEPPER.
    • High carbon stainless is super-hard, super-sharp, and grinds your pepper the way YOU want it....
    • HOWEVER, High-Carbon WILL rust with acids like Salt, so You'll Need a Separate (Stainless) Salt Grinder.
    • High-Carbon Steel also Rusts From Soaking in the Sink, Salty Sea-side air, and dishwasher use. 
  • Classic Stainless Grinding Mechanism Mills are Wonderful With Salt.
    • Their plates are too close together for peppercorns to drop, AND
    • Stainless Steel Resists Rust, but is neither as hard nor as sharp as High-Carbon Stainless
  • Peppercorns' Natural Oils Lubricate the Peppermills' Mechanism (so it's helpful to use them regularly).