What happens when you replace lead (traditional glassmakers added to crystal for clarity) with Titanium? 🇩🇪

(See why Robert Parker raved) 

TRITAN Crystal Glass..

  • Beautiful, break-resistant
  • Shatter- and scratch-resistant
  • SUPER CLEAR glassware
  • Tough enough for bars + restaurants, lovely enough for any home.
  • Super-eco-conscious -- the factory holds an ecoprofile for their low carbon footprint, which they keep reducing on a day-to-day basis.

    ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS made history by replacing lead with Titanium.

    Imported by legendary Restaurant + Hotel Tableware Leader Fortessa 

    Tritan's manufacturing process produces crystal glass of the highest clarity, purity + unparalleled brilliance.

    • Functional, tasteful design,
    • natural materials,
    • highest stability and
    • surface strength.

    TRITAN set ecological standards by being free of the heavy metals lead.

    • They hold ecoprofile ISO 14040:2009 (by an independent institute) for low carbon footprint, which they work on daily.

    Zwiesel Glass History + Hallmark.

    Zwiesel began in Bavaria about 600 years ago –

    • Founded in 1872, o by Anton Müller as a small sheet glass works,
    • Now, one of the leading international glass specialists. 
    • State-of-the-art technology is an integral part of our company, but
    • our greatest assets are our employees, whose extensive experience is
    • Handed down through generations.
    • Tradition and innovation melt to supreme glass art in each and every one of our crystal glasses. It is with this high standard of excellence that we look forward to the next 140 years, with high expectations and conscious of our history.