We’re a kitchenware retailer in Sonoma, California selling cooking and entertaining products from coast to coast. We’re looking for a key team member to manage in-store inventory in our point-of-sale system, and downstream create useful and accurate product listings online.

With a 5,000 sq ft retail store and warehouse in Sonoma, California Sign of the Bear is Sonoma's core cooking retailer.

Be a part of an exciting team of Sonomans in the cookware industry, and make a difference for learning hosts and cooks across the country who need quality tools for cooking and entertaining. Work hand-in-hand with our different departments, retail, sales, marketing and fulfillment to help improve our ability to reach and service Sonoma and Bay Area customers.

Our Managers are people who possess skills for leadership and a passion for teamwork, are problem solvers and real-talkers with a take-initiative attitude. If you are energetic, have a drive for results, and the ability to lead and influence, you'll fit in with our awesome team.

  • Our Store Manager  Proactive communication and collaboration with team members and assistant managers to ensure wonderful customer experiences and surpass store goals.
  • Our Inventory and Product Data Manager cares for our product database and makes sure it is up-to-date, and reflected accurately in our POS system and online, so that our products are available in-store and online on various channels. They also make sure that our online product listings are optimized for customers and search engines.

Key Product Data Manager responsibilities include:

  1. Daily team Our Inventory and Product Data Manager ensures that the products that dancers are looking for are in-stock and can easily be found in-store and on our website.
  2. Make ongoing purchase orders for our suppliers and receive product deliveries.
  3. Ensure the accuracy of deliveries and of on-hand inventory.
  4. Create product listings for our in-store POS, as well as for our E-commerce websites/channels.
  5. For online product listings, optimize text and image quality to help customers as much as possible, while keeping search engines like Google in mind with good SEO practices.
  6. Assist in the fulfillment of orders and general website maintenance.

Product Data Manager position requires:

• A high level of skill in writing and communication.
• Following systems to ensure accuracy and complete work in data entry.
• A highly motivated, independent execution of work.
Proactive communication and collaboration with team members and managers.
• Working in Sonoma 30-40 hours a week.

Any experience in using the RetailPro Onsite POS and/or managing products in Shopify is an asset.

As our team is highly entrepreneurial and the retail climate in California is changing rapidly, it is likely that this position will evolve over time to reflect changes in the market and to leverage opportunities as they present themselves. The ideal candidate for this position will be able to maintain the consistency of processes, while still having the flexibility to change quickly.

To apply send your resumé with a cover letter by email to: careers@signofthebear.com

We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage applications from all qualified individuals. We thank all applicants for their interest. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.