Established in 2006, Naturally Med specializes in Olive Wood and Mediterranean kitchen, home and gift products.

Choose from our range of olive wood

  • cutting boards of all sizes,
  • cheese and serving boards,
  • olive wood utensils, spoons, spatulas, citrus reamers, and salt boxes;
  • olive wood bowls.

See why chefs and caters - and Sonomans- love this remarkable wood:

  • Olivewood boards make every charcuterie or app board something beautiful + special - and 
  • Easy to carry / transport + serve
  • Olivewood bowls showcase any salad
  • Olivewoods' highly figured graining (the tight + beautiful graining reflects how slowly trees grow- in the Mediterranean, the saying is 'you plant grapes for your children, and olivetrees for your grandchildren' 
  • Olivewood is easy on your knives, 
  • and So lovely


  • For Centuries, Mediterranean olivewood groves have been pruned regularly as trees' limbs age - so your beautiful cutting boards may be from trees 400-1000 years old.
  • They've long been available either sanded or "live-edged"

Care and use:

  • Benefits from being :
  • regularly oiled with mineral oil, any time it looks dusty or feels rough
  • Dried quickly after each wash or rinse
  • When used for a salad, flipped over before you go to bed.

Naturally Med, a USA based supplier of olive wood products wholesale and retail.

Naturally Med, bringing the Mediterranean to you…