Sign of the Bear's Beautiful Olivewood Boards, Olivewood Bowls Come from Sfax, Tunisia's "City of Olives".

We first knew Tunisia by its long-ago name, Carthage; it's across the Mediterranean from Italy.

Tunisia's extraordinary cities still bring their remarkable art and culture for the world to admire. Tunisia's modern-day craftsmen share their fine appreciation of beauty in their olivewood- we feel it in every board and bowl.  These are available either sanded or live-edged.

Our extraordinary heirloom olivewood bowls and boards are bits of history:

  • Olive trees grow for thousands of years.
  • Olive trees' slow growth produces olivewood's extraordinary iconic painterly graining. Every bowl and board is its own work of art.
  • For Centuries, Mediterranean olivewood groves have been pruned regularly as trees' limbs age, so
  • Your beautiful cutting boards may be from trees 400-2000 years old.

In the Mediterranean, they say: "Plant grapes for your children and olives for your grandchildren." 

We love the idea of planting love for future generations. 

Choose from our range of olive wood

  • cutting boards of all sizes,
  • cheese and serving boards,
  • olive wood utensils, spoons, spatulas, citrus reamers, and salt boxes;
  • olive wood bowls.

See why chefs and caters - and Sonomans- love this remarkable wood:

  • Olivewood boards make every charcuterie or app board something beautiful + special - and they're 
  • Easy to carry / transport + serve
  • Olivewood bowls showcase any salad
  • Olivewoods' highly figured graining is like a painting  
  • Olivewood is easy on your knives, 
  • So lovely to fill our homes with daily bits of art.