Patisse has been making wonderful bakeware and bakers' tools in Holland 🇳🇱 for over 40 years. 

Patisse's mission is to create great quality bakers' tools, pans, and equipment at a fair price with innovative refinements.

Their Springforms, Quiche and Tarte molds, Baking Fomrs, Bread Proofing Baskets, and Pastry Tools are extraordinary. 

Traditional Coiled Wicker Proofing Baskets Make a Beautiful Loaf

Choose Round or Oval  

For centuries, European bakers have loved these classic wicker proofing baskets. In France "banneton", and "Brotform" in Germany, these lovely proofing baskets give your dough the beautiful, classical patterning. Simply pre-flour your bread proofing basket, pop in your dough for its final rise, and when you turn it out: presto! a burst of beauty on your counter.