Discover Why SHUN's Beautiful Japanese Chefs' Knives took the U.S. Culinary Scene by Storm -

One Hundred Years of Beautiful Japanese Craftsmanship from Tokyo, Japan🇯🇵 brings you knives which are: 

Sharp, durable, corrosion resistant, and breathtakingly LOVELY

Why Cooks Love SHUN Knives :

They're beautiful, fast, light, agile - and so comfy.

What Helps Shun Slice So Easily?

    • What Makes Shun Super Sharp?
      •  Slightly Steeper Blades than German Knife-makers favor helps Shun Knives slice right through food.
      • 34 layers of stainless Damascus cladding on each side 
      • act as a natural nonstick to help food release from the blade  (extra helpful for moist high-starch foods like apples + potatoes or onions)
      • This Damascus Cladding also
        • supports the blades' core, and
        • Adds stain resistance.
        • Beautiful and Beautifully Balanced so they're so easy to hold.
        • Easy On Your Wrists and Arms For Long Prep and Cutting Jobs:
        • Light Weight Full-composite Tang and
        • SUPER SHARP Blades Lighten The Load
        • Ergonomic & LOVELY Ebony PakkaWood® handles
          • fit the hollow in your closed hand so they're super-comfy to hold, even for long stints in the kitchen;
          • PakkaWood®'durable, beautiful, and won't harbor bacteria
        • Each Beautiful Blade is Handcrafted in Japan 🇯🇵

Shun Knives have a core of VG-MAX steel, known for its incredible edge retention.

Shun Cutlery then clads their VG-MAX core with Damascus Stainless Steel, which is then ground and bead-blasted revealing the flowing pattern of the layered steel. This makes their knives thin, agile, fast, and ready to slice.

Instore Forged Knife Test Drive: Tools should fit YOU.

At Sign of the Bear we LOVE knives and will LOVE to help you find the blades that fit the hollow of your hand, and SHOW you how to properly hold and cut - so the knife fits your height, hand + cutting style -  and why people love the light, fast, agile Japanese blades.

AND invite you to learn with these brief exceptional online knife skills videos from extraordinary Jacques Pepin (below) who reminds us to make a flat surface before you cut.

Knife Skills & Sharpening Videos

Learn to hold + use your knives ("pinch grip" and "claw hold") wash your blades, hone and sharpen them at Sign of the Bear (we LOVE knives and will LOVE to show you) Classic Knife Skills - OR follow the extraordinary Jacques Pepin's brief videos. 

Here chef Jacques Pepin shows: 

  • How to hold + use your knives (basic knife skills "pinch grip" and "claw hold") -- and make a flat surface before cutting fast
  • How to wash, hone and sharpen your blades.
  • NOTE: the ANGLE of Japanese cutlery is steeper, so you'll want to go in on a tighter angle. 

Knife Skills:

Knife Sharpening: 


SHUN'S cutlery is made from top-quality Japanese X50CrMoV15 high carbon stainless steel. They work to engineer the best steel for knives & layer the traditional Japanese blue & white steels (jigane & higane) to blend super-sharp edges with durability.