Our Triple-Milled Luxury Soaps bring a bit of spa- and fine-hotel luxury to your home.  Each Triple-milled Soap is produced by specialty Italian soap milling machines similar to those used to produce fine swiss chocolate. The milling process cleanly blends natural ingredients that make our fine bar soaps.

Discover why people love our Triple-Milled Soap

Each fine bar is:

  • Artisinally crafted
  • Gorgeous herbal + citrus fragrances made with blended sustainable plant oils, and 
  • Extra-moisturing natural shea butter, 
  • 100% biodegradable and
  • Additive-free: contains no sulphates, petrochemicals, glycols or artificial coloring.
  • Easy for sensitive skin: our pure, natural Triple-Milled Bar Soap gently cleanses and sooths dry and sensitive skin.
  • Exceptionally Moisturizing and Non-Drying
  • Wrapped in beautiful, Italian-made fine embossed paper as gorgeous as the fragrances.
  • Triple-milled so it's
    • extra-long-lasting (because extra air + moisture are removed) 
    • with a creamy lather that lasts and washes clean.
Each luxurious soap bar shows their devotion to beauty and quality.