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21-24" NMT Heirloom Olivewood Boards


Sign of the Bear's Beautiful Olivewood Boards, Olivewood Bowls,

Special days and holidays are right around the corner.

Let Sign of the Bear help you bring some easy entertaining magic to your every day.

Celebrate Sonoma's wonderful cheeses, olives, and wine with your beautiful live-edged olive wood. Olive wood boards come live-edged (with bark on) or finished (sanded). Olive wood boards range from 12" to 48".

Heirloom Boards from 27" to 48" are too unique in appearance and pricing to keep photos synched, but we're always glad to text, email or WhatsApp you photos. 

Olive wood bowls range from little 4" condiment dishes to huge salad bowls for big enough for catering - or a family reunion.

Make Your Heirloom Wood Last Generations:

  • You can improve woods' lustre and protect them by oiling them with 
    • mineral oil and/ or 
    • beeswax  (both are *nontoxic   AND  * won't go rancid)
  •  Any time your beautiful wood  * feels dry to the touch, or 
    • looks dusty, or 
    • you feel the grain (feels less smooth, when your fingers catch the natural ridges a little, & they begin to feel a bit rough)
    • it's time to oil your wood again 
    • the 'old school' recommendation was once a week for the first month, once a month for the first year-- but we find your eyes + hands are your best gauge for when your wood needs oil. 
  • Your best tool to oil your wood is your hands--
    • unlike cloths, your hands won't absorb so much oil, and
    • they will get nicely moisturized in the process
  • Wood is absorbent -- like a paper towel, it 'wicks' moisture along its length. Oil fills these gaps and keeps water from getting in. 

Care and Use tips:

  •  Well cared-for, your wood will be an heirloom for generations.
  • Re-apply mineral oil and/ or beeswax any time your wood looks dry or dusty.
  • Your hands will be your best gauge of when your wood needs oil-- any time you feel it roughen, a little mineral oil or beeswax will help.
  • We recommend using only a little water and - when necessary - a small amount of mild unscented soap to clean your wood,
  • Then hand dry promptly.
  • Your wood does not do well in the dishwasher.
  • Always rinse + promptly dry your wood...
  • Never let your wood sit with water -- or salad dressing or other liquids - on it.... 
    • turn wood sideways or upside-down if you're heading to bed after entertaining...
    • that way moisture won't get in it and start or expand a crack..
      • turn wooden boards sideways and
      • flip salad bowls upside-down to dry after using.  
  • Here's to heirlooms to love for generations.

Sign of the Bear's Beautiful Olivewood Boards, Olivewood Bowls Come from Sfax, Tunisia's "City of Olives".

We first knew Tunisia by its long-ago name, Carthage; it's across the Mediterranean from Italy.

Tunisia's extraordinary cities still bring their remarkable art and culture for the world to admire. Tunisia's modern-day craftsmen share their fine appreciation of beauty in their olivewood- we feel it in every board and bowl.  These are available either sanded or live-edged.

Our extraordinary heirloom olivewood bowls and boards are bits of history:

  • Olive trees grow for thousands of years.
  • Olive trees' slow growth produces olivewood's extraordinary iconic painterly graining. Every bowl and board is its own work of art.
  • For Centuries, Mediterranean olivewood groves have been pruned regularly as trees' limbs age, so
  • Your beautiful cutting boards may be from trees 400-2000 years old.

In the Mediterranean, they say: "Plant grapes for your children and olives for your grandchildren." 

We love the idea of planting love for future generations. 

Choose from our range of olive wood

  • cutting boards of all sizes,
  • cheese and serving boards,
  • olive wood utensils, spoons, spatulas, citrus reamers, and salt boxes;
  • olive wood bowls.

See why chefs and caters - and Sonomans- love this remarkable wood:

  • Olivewood boards make every charcuterie or app board something beautiful + special - and they're 
  • Easy to carry / transport + serve
  • Olivewood bowls showcase any salad
  • Olivewoods' highly figured graining is like a painting  
  • Olivewood is easy on your knives, 
  • So lovely to fill our homes with daily bits of art.

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