Sign of the Bear Kitchenware

California's Best Cutting Board


A Cutting Board With All the California Places You've ALWAYS loved - or wanted to go! 

With hand-drawn highlights of so many of your favorite iconic California stops, see

Why our California's BEST Cutting Board becomes a favorite appetizer server --

And a gift you'll be proud to give:

  • From redwoods to wineries to Palm Springs or Solvang, so much to celebrate in our great state is charmingly hand-drawn, then lasered onto the boards
  • Beautiful, tough, and (fairly) light, bamboo's easy to wrap and pack - so it's a great host + hostess gift, thank you, or souvenir for your California friends 
  • Lighter weight than traditional wood (so even fully loaded, it's easy to move).
  • Super-Durable: bamboo's tight grain is stain-resistant and odor-resistant.
  • Eco-friendly: our California's Best Boards are made of fast-growing bamboo.. and they REALLY did their research: first finding the best bamboo species for boards (Moso) —and for the planet—then finding bamboo crafting specialists in the region where Moso grows.
  • Every board is made by an ISO certified niche manufacturer working directly with family-owned bamboo farms.
  • Their model put a fair and sustainable economic model for everyone, as mission-critical - and engineered it in.
  • They also make great tools, with all the same virtues.


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