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One-Lid Wonders: Beautiful, Infinitely Reusable Platinum Silicone Lids


One-Lid Fridge-to-Freezer-to-Oven Wonders

The endlessly reusable, radically functional platinum-silicone lids better for you and the planet.

Why Lily, Poppy, and Sunflower Lids?

  • End the cling-wrap tyranny.
  • Small lids cover your wine (to keep bugs at bay),
  • OR Iced Tea + Ice Water (to help hold the cold);
  • OR Coffee + Tea (to keep it warm);
  • Larger Lids Go In The Microwave (YAY! No more messes!)
  • OR in the Oven to Perfectly Poach Salmon
  • They're ALL Freezer AND Fridge Safe -- and fit pretty serveware for
  • A SUPERSMART kinda sneaky way to go from fridge to dinner... 
  • Translucent so you know what's in your 'mystery' containers
  • After every cooking or artistic adventure, when you're done - pop them in the DISHWASHER so you know they're TRULY clean.
  • Reuse them again and again: they'll be beautiful for you
  • Endlessly reusable to SAVE WHAT MATTERS. 

Think: A size for everything you're saving:

  • Tiny lovely stoppers for your wine
  • Small gorgeous covers for tea or coffee cups
  • Lids in a whole bevy of sizes for casseroles, bowls, bakers...

Wonderful for: fruit or fresh salads, sandwiches, portioned dinners, whatever you pop in the microwave, durable + reusable, microwave safe ! !

Why they're Secret Superheroes:

dishwasher safe: get 'em REALLY clean

fridge ready: end clingwrap's hedgemony ! We use what we can see. 
 durable + reusable : no more cling film waste !




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