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Oxo's Phenomenal Omlette Turner


See why we love Oxo's Phenomenal Flip & Fold Omlette Turner:

  • Fun,
  • Durable,
  • Non-stick-safe,
  • Designed for making perfect omelets

Our Classic Flip & Fold Omelet Turner is ideally shaped and sized for making omelets.

Here's what Oxo Engineered IN so it works for you:

  • Flexible head and edges conform to rounded pans,
  • Tapered edges glide easily under your entire omelet - or tortilla.
  • Wide shape provides structure to flip or fold while keeping omelets intact.

Oxo keeps reimagining how we prepare food—and think of household tools.

True from the beginning when founder Sam Farber developed OXO's iconic handle - and attitude - to help his wife Betsey, whose mild arthritis made using old-fashioned metal peeler a struggle. Together they created Oxo's iconic soft-grip ergonomic handle, paired it with a sharp stainless steel blade, and began a quiet tool revolution.

See why Chefs, Cooks, and Tidy Folks Love Oxo:

Every Oxo product is :

  • Re-engineered from the handle up:
    • Oxo starts by asking what could work better, and what folks don't love about the choices we have now
    • Then they tested in the lab and in homes - to work beautifully
  • Made to be super-effective AND
  • Super-comfortable to use -
    • their signature grip is nonslip and 
    • ergonomic, fitted to the form of your hand 
  • Guaranteed for life

Guarantee- Oxo's and Ours:

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we want to hear about it. We’ll replace it or refund you, because we’re here to make it better–guaranteed.



Please share the word, in 2017, Oxo was really wonderful to so many Sonomans who lost their homes in the fires. We're forever thankful. ❤️


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