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SiliSips: Your Rainbow of BPA-Free Silicone Cups Made In The USA🇺🇸


Rainbow SiliSips: The BEST Cups You'll EVER own

You'll love Rainbow SiliSips to ...

    • Keep Hot Drinks HOT and Cold Stuff Cold,
    • Bake pop on the amazing all-in-one lid, Spill-resistant, too
    • Festive Rainbow Silicone Pints, Cups and Wine glasses get REALLY clean and are Made In The U.S.A. 🇺🇸
    • They're SAFE in your:
      • Microwave  (YAY! rewarm coffee, tea or soup)
      • OVEN to bake awesome bread or mug-cakes
      • FRIDGE or Freezer to Store Any Last Sips
      • AND when you're done- pop them in the DISHWASHER
      • Dishwasher Safe = YOU KNOW THEY'RE REALLY CLEAN.
    • When Dad was in hospital, they were the perfect way to bring a milkshake... and easy (they kept it COLD while still being comfy to hold; and we all knew they were REALLY clean)

    SiliSips are GREAT for adventures- bring 'em on:

      • Boats
      • RV's
      • Camping
      • Picnics
      • Field Trips
      • Squish 'em in your suitcase, too... 

    A SIZE FOR EVERYONE we love:

    summer, outdoor entertaining, and a perfect way to bring a friend a treat - or cupcake!

    (Yes, you can even bake in them.)

    Radically functional: platinum-silicone pints, cups and wine glasses get REALLY clean, are better for you and the planet, and Made In The U.S.A. 🇺🇸


    • Beautifully Engineered: ONE LID fits all glass shapes + sizes--
      • Half-Pints for your young friends, kids, OR muffins !
      • Tall Glasses for Iced Drinks, Pints, + Thirsty Friends
      • Wine for the Chef
      • and ONE LID fits any of them...   (fits over half-pint glasses and inside pints)



    Stemless Wine

    and the One-lid Wonder Everyone Loves


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