Sonoma Wine Barrel Lazy Susans 🇺🇸


Wine Barrel Lazy Susans Made For You!

Help everyone enjoy ( +reach ) - all the hors d'oeuvres -- or when you're serving the whole team, they'll corral all your condiments for you, too.

Perfect for family feasts -- or the whole family (or team).

Fresh from California for you, our lovely wine barrel Lazy Susans are

  • Made from REAL Wine Barrels.
  • Choose your preferred cut & wine varietal. Flat-edged Lazy Susans are approx 21" diameter; hooped Lazy Susans, approx 23".
  • Finished with a beautiful walnut-stain.

Our Makers Also Custom-Stencil as an Extraordinary Wedding, Graduation, or New-Home gift.   To Order Our Custom Stenciled Wine Barrel Lazy Susans, please:

  1. Purchase one of the 2 custom styles listed below [Wine Barrel Top - Flat or Hooped, Walnut Finish] and THEN,
  2. Please download + fill in the customization form for the style you love:

ALL Wine Barrel Lazy Susans are artist-made from Real Wine Barrels.

  • This means EVERY Wine Barrel Lazy Susan will look different.
  • Each typically comes with different coopers' marks, and some variation of wood and sizing.
  • Each ships 4-6 weeks after your order is processed.
  • Only available to ship in the Continental U.S. 



Make Your Heirloom Wood Last Generations:

  • You can improve woods' lustre and protect them by oiling them with 
    • mineral oil and/ or 
    • beeswax  (both are *nontoxic   AND  * won't go rancid)
  •  Any time your beautiful wood  * feels dry to the touch, or 
    • looks dusty, or 
    • you feel the grain (feels less smooth, when your fingers catch the natural ridges a little, & they begin to feel a bit rough)
    • it's time to oil your wood again 
    • the 'old school' recommendation was once a week for the first month, once a month for the first year-- but we find your eyes + hands are your best gauge for when your wood needs oil. 
  • Your best tool to oil your wood is your hands--
    • unlike cloths, your hands won't absorb so much oil, and
    • they will get nicely moisturized in the process
  • Wood is absorbent -- like a paper towel, it 'wicks' moisture along its length. Oil fills these gaps and keeps water from getting in. 

Care and Use tips:

  •  Well cared-for, your wood will be an heirloom for generations.
  • Re-apply mineral oil and/ or beeswax any time your wood looks dry or dusty.
  • Your hands will be your best gauge of when your wood needs oil-- any time you feel it roughen, a little mineral oil or beeswax will help.
  • We recommend using only a little water and - when necessary - a small amount of mild unscented soap to clean your wood,
  • Then hand dry promptly.
  • Your wood does not do well in the dishwasher.
  • Always rinse + promptly dry your wood...
  • Never let your wood sit with water -- or salad dressing or other liquids - on it.... 
    • turn wood sideways or upside-down if you're heading to bed after entertaining...
    • that way moisture won't get in it and start or expand a crack..
      • turn wooden boards sideways and
      • flip salad bowls upside-down to dry after using.  
  • Here's to heirlooms to love for generations.

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