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Stoppers To Cheer for: Beautiful Infinitely Reusable Platinum Silicone Stoppers


Super Sweet Silicone Stoppers go Bottle-to-Table

The endlessly reusable, radically functional platinum-silicone stoppers better for you and the planet.

Why Lily, Poppy, and Sunflower Stoppers?

  • End the corks tyranny.
  • Unbreakable
  • Lovely 
  • Freezer OR Fridge Safe -- but will pop out if your liquid over-expands, 
  • A SUPERSMART kinda sneaky way to dress up homemade dressings
  • AND after every cooking or artistic adventure, when you're done - pop them in the DISHWASHER
  • And reuse them again and again: they'll be beautiful for you
  • Endlessly reusable to SAVE WHAT MATTERS. 

Think: ,Oil+ Vinegar, Wine, Dressings, Bottled Waters- They're durable + reusable, microwave safe ! !

and-- SO you know it's REALLY clean
dishwasher safe

So often, we use what we can see. Keep it Fresh + Handy
fridge friendly


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