SuperScrubbers Cleaning Cloths

SuperScrubber Scrubbing Cloths🇸🇪


Clean ALL your dishes + kitchen + shower with our Classic SuperScrubbers🇸🇪 Cleaning Cloths, set of 3

Set of 3, assorted bright colors 

Why we love SuperScrubbers:

  • Replaces your dish rag, SOS pad, and sink scrubbing.
  • Great to clean your:
    • pots + pans
    • veggies
    • hands
    • bathroom sink
    • shower stall + tub
    • (yes, we recommend a different one for each)
  • Safe to clean your hands, your teenagers and kids - 
  • They get softer as you use them so our older SuperScrubbers become washroom-sink scrubbies 
  • Clean your hands after a
    • messy kitchen project, 
    • painting
    • a hard day in the yard gardening, or
    • working on the car
  • and when you're done,
    • just pop the SuperScrubbers Cleaning Cloths in your
      • dishwasher OR
      • washing machine.
  • they're stain- and odor-resistant and 
  • easy to sterilize, too.
    Classic SuperScrubbers Cleaning Cloths 🇸🇪 are
    • European Made 🇸🇪
    • Safe for all surfaces --
      • scrub off baked-on caked-on junk
      • WITHOUT scratching your beautiful cookware, pans, pots, or dinnerware.   
    • Easy to clean --
      • Dishwasher Safe, AND also
      • fine in your washing machine with your regular laundry; OR 
      • pre-wet and pop in the microwave for 25 sec 
    • Available in fun, bright colors
    • Odor- and Stain-resistant 

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