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Truth in Bibs: Both Know Not An Airplane


Witty Bib to Wipe Clean - and Love a Lifetime.

We Both Know it's Not An Airplane Bib brings truth to Feeding Time. They're the BEST Bib You'll EVER own, ready to make any parent smile...

Brilliant, radically functional silicone bibs are witty, get REALLY clean, are better for wonderful kids and our planet, and make you smile

Why you'll love your No Airplane bibs?

  • Beautifully Engineered:
  • They're COMFY: adjustable to grow as our kids do
  • They're SMART: the catch pocket keeps snacks edible and your floor clean
    • BPA free
    • PVC free
  • They're EASY to CLEAN:  SAFE in your:

Wonderbibs are GREAT for adventures- bring 'em on:

    • Camping
    • Picnics
    • Squish 'em in your suitcase, too... 

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